Your Mind-Map To Digital Transformation

Your Mind-Map To Digital Transformation

The technology available to us today has made limitless information more than just a concept. Futuristic technological marvels are in the making every day and being the innately inquisitive creatures that we are means that digital evolution won’t stop there. “IDC estimates that all 40 percent of all technology spending will go toward digital transformation, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion in 2019.”

What is Digital Transformation?

As a result of ever-growing technology, modern businesses need to plan and leverage digital platforms to deliver a seamless customer experience since the modern customer wants relevant content on-the-go, in a format and on the device of their preference. And that is what digital transformation is.
study at MIT established that the companies that have incorporated digital transformation into their business strategy are 26% more profitable than their competitors. In addition to being an opportunity to increase revenue, it is also an upgrade to the business to compete in the modern market.

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Starting With Digital Transformation

Working on a blueprint for digital transformation can seem scarier than Annabelle, but have no fear! We’ve got a list of practices that will make the journey to digital an easier affair:

The Digital Sapien (the who now?)

In 2017, according to research by IDC, the top two priorities for IT executives were “focusing on improving customer experience and creating new engagement models.”
How can your company do this?

Knowing your customer is the most crucial part of your digital implementation strategy. Understanding the customer journey – the pain points of the target customer, at what point during the journey and on what platforms does the customer interact with your company, the “gaps” in customer experience within the company – is the first step. Once you identify all the important pressing points, you can work your way to building a digital roadmap with all the essentials.

Recruiting a Digital Wizard

Now that you have your key goals, you need an experienced digital guru to help revise your current strategy, and based on your business and customer needs, prioritize and budget this strategy. Digital heads with the right expertise can identify potholes in your strategy and can identify the platforms that will work best with your strategy.

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A team that digitizes together, stays together

As thriving businesses change their culture to adapt to new technologies, it is also in their best interest to train their employees to adapt to this change. In order to successfully implement a digital strategy, each department’s leader must collaborate with their teams to embed the idea of digital transformation as a business-driven project that will lead to successfully transforming the business and their skills. Each step of the roadmap must be defined clearly.

Days of the Future

The journey to transforming your business is long and commitment-driven. At the moment, disruption strategies and technological changes in the workplace are happening at light-speed. With the introduction of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, these changes won’t slow down any time soon. The only way to stay in the game is to implement platforms that are flexible and that will embrace futuristic innovations.

Digital Transformation In The Middle East

In the Middle East today, there’s definitely a buzz for technological transformation, in both the private and public sectors. Several GCC governments have already launched their vision for the future (Dubai Expo 2020, Saudi Vision 2030) and have started educating and embracing technologies like AI and machine learning, blockchain, and digital marketing techniques in some cases.

As for the private sector, a lot of emphasis is being put on disruptive startups like Careem and HelpBit as a part of committing to improving customer experience.