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Yas Waterworld Survival of the fittest

On Saturday, 22 March, 8 Tonicians competed in the Yas Waterworld Survival of the fittest corporate challenge against 9 other teams.

Tonic International at Yas Waterworld The two teams were Aqua Tonic (Stuart, Jad, Linda and Amr) and Sonic Tonic (Usman, Hugo, Ashraf and Victor). The challenges were no easy feat, the team members had to swim against the waves and collect the pearls in the first challenge. The second challenge was the tube relay, followed by a quiz and a floating challenge. Both Tonic teams survived the first 3 challenges and avoided elimination (just barely). However, the floating balance challenge performance was the epic one. Poor tonic teams didn’t stand a chance against those waves and barely lasted 7 seconds on the board. We all started out so confident, we had a Tonic race in the office corridor to determine the team members, we practised our trash talking skills, we gave the other team some killer looks (which we also practised) and we had the loudest cheerleaders. We didn’t bring home a trophy but we had an awesome time and have already started preparing for next years Survival of the fittest.

You can also see pictures from the event on Yas Waterworld’s Facebook page

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