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Why advertising is a good thing

Even after 17 years in the advertising industry I still love my job. Yet, when I look at my mom, I sometimes question if I could have done more with my life. She dedicated her entire career to teaching talented children in India who didn’t have the financial means to get a quality education. Naturally, over the years, the question kept coming back to me – have I chosen the right path?

 At the recent Dubai Lynx Awards we heard from Jose Miguel Sokoloff, Chairman of Global Creative Council (Lowe and Partners). His speech had a simple premise: Why I haven’t quit advertising yet. What followed was an inspiring journey through communication that achieved something special: making the world a little better.


 His agency has taken loving care to fight the war against rebels in Colombia with the most powerful weapon on earth: love.

Today I came across a PSA that also uses the tool of persuasion to save innocent lives.

When I see work like this, I remember why I got into advertising in the first place. It’s a passionate profession. It’s creative. And when you combine the two it has far-reaching effects.


I already have the skills to make a difference in the world. It’s up to me to channel it into something good.

Submitted by Tushar Mahajan