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What a shame! HP remains the same



HP with the help of Moving Brands hoped to transform its perception and introduce a whole new way of portraying the company.

First, the good news: Moving Brands has posted a fantastic and detailed case study of their work here and I highly recommend reading every bit and watching every video as it shows very well what a rebranding of this size entails.

Second, the bad news: The new logo is not yet implemented by HP. It might. It might not. I am told HP is in charge of its implementation and decision for when and how. And that’s all there is to know.

So there is a couple of parts to this project. The first is the hope: how the new HP logo came to be, how it looks and what its application might one day be. The second is the current reality: An application of all the new visual and personality attributes applied to the existing logo — a sort of brand purgatory but with nice animations and a bespoke typeface.

The defining signature of the system is the 13° angle. 13° represents HP’s spirit as a company, driven forward by ingenuity and optimism about the future and a belief in human progress. It also refers to the world of computing by recalling the forward slash used in programming. 13° exists within the brand identity, in the graphic language, product design and UI. — Moving Brands

The hope is that this identity changes in full as a lot of work and thinking has clearly gone into it.

In 2008, HP asked marketing agency Moving Brands to propose new ideas for various elements of HP’s brand identity, including fonts, graphics, and logos.

HP is one of the world’s most valuable brands and has no plans to adopt the new logo proposed by Moving Brands. HP did implement some of the other design elements shown in the case study.

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