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Volunteering in Dubai has a new brand!

We are delighted to share the news. Our client, the Community Development Authority (CDA), launched their Dubai Volunteering Center (DVC) initiative on December 5th , which is the International Volunteer Day.

We can see it everyday. Volunteering in Dubai has gained significant momentum and more and more young Emiratis and expats are getting involved in giving back to the community.

Tonic partnered with CDA to provide these volunteers with a vibrant brand they can feel proud to represent. Our inspiration was the UAE flag and the letter ‘v’ for volunteering. The use of the national symbolism is meant to encourage young Emiratis to proudly serve their community under a brand that is similar in colour to the UAE flag.


With close to 1,000 registered volunteers, you can expect to see the brand being adorned on shirts, pins, and caps worn by volunteers in the Emirate of Dubai and the rest of the UAE. And in order to attract even more volunteers, CDA plans to launch a campaign encouraging UAE nationals and expats to register at the nearest volunteering centre.

Once a volunteer registers with DVC, he or she will receive a welcome box which Tonic International partnered with CDA to design and which includes a branded t-shirt, pin, lanyard and badge, brochure and a USB containing a video about volunteering.

Tonic International is proud to have partnered with CDA to develop this brand, which encourages people to support one another and help those in need.