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USA Today rebranding

USA Today became one of America’s largest and most respected news organizations by staying relevant to everyday Americans. They have always relied on visual story telling and concise copy. But after 30 years in the game they started to look dated and were losing out on readership from the new digital generation.

The brand has now undergone a total make-over. And we love it. The brand’s bold new look amplifies the paper’s iconic visual storytelling. The redesign includes increased colour, photos and info-graphics.

What is piquing our interest in particular is the flexible brand system. The brand’s well-known globe has now been turned into an icon that displays visual messages based on the section of the paper where it appears or even based on topical events.

The new brand is pulled across the organization’s flagship product, the newspaper, as well as online where the brand’s strategy to be smart and succinct is working particularly well. By being more reader friendly to a younger demographic and now also reflecting their fresh approach in their design, the newspaper has new kick in these troubling times where printed papers are seeing dramatic drops in sales.