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Top 1% on LinkedIn’s 200 Million. What about you? Did it make you feel all warm inside too?

Nice work from LinkedIn to promote their new milestone, 200 million members.

I received this email last week congratulating me on being in the top 1% most viewed profile on LinkedIn. I felt all warm inside even if I was one of 2 million members receiving the same mail.

LinkedIn 1%


What made me laugh is when I saw some members posting the almost same mail but this time being so proud to one of the top 5%. It got me wondering if some people received the same one for Top 10%, Top 20%… What a great way to self promote and make members feel special. I love LinkedIn.

If like me you’ve received similar mails, thank you to let me know, unless of course you were one of the top 0.1% most visited, that would really kill the love.

Oh, and by the way, just in case you were wondering what the 200 million look like:

LinkedIn 200M