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Tonic’s New Team in East Africa

It’s been more than a year now since we’ve been appointed to launch Roshan Telecom in East Africa.

Between the end of last year and the beginning of 2014 we have successfully launched the local Smart Telecom. We did this through our Dubai office and  local contacts. Now that the business is growing we’ve decided to service this entirely from Tonic and have appointed a solid team of professionals. This is who they are.

Dorene_NamanyaDorene Namanya joins us as Regional Account Manager. She is known amongst Tonicians as “the river between”.

Dorene loves to write. About people. Places. Pictures. Books she has read, books she will never read. Why she hates fantasy, sci-fi movies and pop music. She likes to play scrabble, do crosswords and watch documentaries She holds a Bachelors in Mass Communications & practiced journalism for two years before the seductiveness of advertising came calling.

It’s been 5 years since and the romance is still going great. Among others, Dorene has worked on brands like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Tullow Uganda, Diageo and MTN. Do not try to tell her she cannot live by bread alone because she loves her bread.

Dorene joins Tonic International from Metropolitan Republic as Account Manager overseeing the Smart Telecom Account in Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.

At Tonic, Dorene is excited to be a part of a dynamic team that has building great brands in Africa and beyond at the heart of their story.


Joshua Kamugabirwe

Joshua Kamugabirwe from Kampala Uganda in East Africa is known amongst Tonicians as the “media guru“.

He joins us as a Brand Media Manager where he handles everything from Strategy development to media planning. He graduated from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in Development Economics.

Prior to joining Tonic, Joshua worked for Scan Group in Uganda and Kenya where he has handled media for several of the region’s biggest brands; including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Airtel, Warid Telecom,Bamburi and a chain of commercial banks.

Joshua is very passionate about his work and loves nothing more than to help brands grow through creative use of Media. He hopes to keep learning and getting better through Tonic’s massive pool of talent at his disposal.

Socially, he loves football, music and anything educative or intriguing. Around the office, he is quite the funny man, especially around the ladies. He observes a lot and comments less.


Tony MwesigaTony Mwesigwa, known amongst Tonicians as “the smooth operator”. Tony joins us as an Art Director.

“A poor man’s talent” that’s what Art was referred to in the society he grew, but thanks to his family, society odds didn’t stop him from following his natural passion.

With a Bachelor of Industrial And Fine Art from Makerere University, he’s “smooothly” worked with influential brands like Coca-Cola, Airtel, Serena Hotel among others. It is not the Brand size that matters. It is the difference he can make with it. He works hard and plays hard.

He envisions his future at Tonic as one spoilt of new challenges, creative growth and a cheerful team positively changing the world no matter the platform. Unlike many, his belief is a lasting impression, not first. Outside work, he enjoys movies, music, crazy dancing, sports (especially swimming) and family.

Because of his name, people think Tonic is his company… and he never tries to correct them.

Eric_ Ngangare
Eric Ngangare is known amongst Tonicians as the “Storyteller”. He joins us as a Copywriter (Advertising).

Eric was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1981 where he spent his childhood. Three years after the genocide ended in Rwanda, his family returned home from exile and settled there in 1997. That’s where he completed his secondary school education and dropped out of college in his second year of Food Science and Technology when his interest in languages got him a job as a translator (English, French and Kinyarwanda) at the Genocide Memorial.

In 2010, he puts his feet in advertising by consulting as an advertising translator and soon his skills for adaptation and passion for creative writing is noticed and is offered the position of copywriter at the agency he was consulting.

Ever since Eric has been active on the advertising scene in Rwanda and Uganda working with the biggest agencies, servicing a number of big brands mainly in the telecommunications industry.

Besides, his passion for writing is not only known in the advertising business. Eric is also a blogger, a poet and a spoken word artist. He joins Tonic after falling in love with its passion for creativity and feels that is where he belongs.