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Tonic International wins The Pitch, a new show for Dubai Eye 103.8

We had a lot of fun last week answering the brief from Dubai Eye 103.8 to help them promote one of their new programe about advertising, media and marketing called The Pitch. It’s based on the Gruen Transfer a marketing Australian TV show (see an example here).

The idea is simple, ask two advertising agencies to pitch head to head to sell the unsellable. In this case, our brief was to Legalise Exotic Pets, or convince the UAE public that what this country needs is to make exotic and dangerous pets legal.

When the time came for the panel of judges to decide on the best copy, I am glad to say we completely massacred Y&R, winning by a unanimous decision.

It shows that when left to their own devices, agencies are often able to create pretty good ads, and have a blast doing them. The entire agency got involved, throwing in ideas, brainstorming, writing what in the end turned out to be a pretty cool copy.

Judge for yourself, here‘s the pitch (part 1) and the vote (part 2).