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Tonic International in 2015

It’s end December already and I can’t believe 2015 is almost over. This was a already a year ago.

We started the year on a massive high after winning the Starz Play launch for media, advertising and branding; a massive project that kept us very busy for the first half of the year. The most interesting project was the YouTube Masthead we produced in May, which is now a new benchmark that Google uses.

Tonic Branding was also very busy during that first half. Yaraan by Roshan was created and launched in time to become a commercial success. They won international awards such as Silver at the Transform Awards.

Roshan also picked up the prestigious Top 10 Most Innovative companies in Social Good.

In February we finished the production for the global launch of the all-new Audi A6.

The tonic team grew rapidly too. We were around 40 at the end of 2014 and almost 70 mid 2015. This resulted in a completely modernized media team, able to manage everything digital, from research to RTB, search and analytics. Our creative team grew three fold in that same period. All these newbies also perpetuated tonic’s tradition to cook for the rest of the team. For an entire week we enjoyed them cooking for us.

In the summer we were busy consolidating; putting in place new systems to manage a team that size.

We then also launched Audi Challenges Arabia, which saw 3 films so far (R8 Challenge, Elevation and Number 10). This redefined how we can leverage our social media platforms to strengthen Audi’s brand image.

Tonic_Elevation_ShootA lot of clients were also very busy on social media this year and it is set to continue growing on 2016.

Working since 2011 with Yas Waterworld paid off this year when they won the best Print Media campaign at the World Waterpark Association Show in Santa Fe for the Yas Waterworld’s Emirati Adventures Brand Campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 10.20.52 AMOur Christmas party hosted our most successful potluck ever, an epic HintHunt competition and the longest game of beer pong in history. This was only the last of a long list of good parties. In 2015 we celebrated 3-Kings, Easter, Halloween, and Diwali as we should.


At the end of the year we worked with cooler brands, most visible Wendy’s. We also worked on a lot of projects for Emaar and Jumeirah. DP World, our client of 8 years, also decided 2015 was a good year to start advertising again.

Our Tonicians were blessed with a lot of babies this year. Congratulations to Amr, Karen, Alice, Walaa, Jinto and Michelle.

We end 2015 on a high, an ideal place to hit 2016 running.