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The low-down on ads downunder

Australian ads, Australia, Commercial, TVC, Tonic International, Wael BittarIt was no white Christmas for me. I spent it in Australia. And while I got a good dose of Australian humor around the barbie (BBQ), it turns out the most memorable moments were inspired by TV ads. My little niece couldn’t stop singing “10 ways to die” on the train into town. My aunt kept pestering her sister, asking, “She bought a what? She bought a Jeep?”, quoting the new Jeep ads. Probably the funniest moment was a trip to the mall with my cousins. They wore brown socks and flip flops with boardshorts. They took a look at each other and said, “Hello beer.” Finally, on a different note, “Never been royal” has probably never been more popular since its use in the Samsung ad.


Australians love their ads. I certainly do too.

Original text from Wael Bittar (General Manager)