The Impact of A/B Testing on Business Decisions

In the digital era, most marketers understand the impact of A/B testing and how it drives business decisions. Cut back to 1990 – print ads, radio announcements and magazine ads – marketers pushing out campaigns didn’t have the chance to successfully test them the way we do now. And this is all thanks to the ginormous amounts of data we have access to.

A/B testing has evolved to be more than just testing CTA buttons. In the digital realm everything can now be tested, from design to copy used in blog posts or from articles to website layouts. With every relevant variable tested and each additional test, companies can collect enough data to pinpoint errors in their strategy and either rework it, or use their Plan B.

A/B Testing is a science and using numbers to know where you stand in your current business framework can really make all the difference. Let’s get right into how A/B testing can impact and drive business decisions.


Kill the HiPPO

Kill the hippo

The beauty of A/B testing is that it drives decisions based on data rather than assumed knowledge of your consumers’ behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, most HiPPOs think that they know what will work best for any digital campaigns they run, but we’re aware that not everyone has Bill Gates’ business acumen. The result? Using data-driven insights to make better decisions. This is the impact of A/B testing, it cuts out the guesswork.


Quantifying Impact of A/B Testing

AB testing process


One of the best things about A/B testing is that results can easily be visualized – this information can be used to develop more meaningful value propositions.

When thinking about A/B testing, it’s not just about the changes in designs and copywriting that matter, but the fact that you can get insights that make a difference to your overall digital marketing strategy.

How’s that for impact?


Improved Conversion Rates


Knowing what works and what doesn’t is vital in driving conversions, and A/B testing helps with that too. It validates a preconceived hypothesis based on statistics and displays which version, either A or B, will drive more conversions.

Coupled with web analytics data, heatmap testing and client feedback, A/B testing can essentially be used to build a better conversion optimization strategy.


The Bottom Line

A/B testing is a powerful and incredibly efficient approach – making business decisions with experimental data is bound to drive better conversions, after all.

The best way to start using A/B testing? Read up and start experimenting!

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