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The Effects Of Sound

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We all know the feeling when we hear our favourite song. The power it has to elevate our mood with in the first few beats or chords. Music isn’t the only sound that affects us. Sound from the world around us also makes a huge impact on our productivity, especially at work.

Here are a few things to consider not only personally but also professionally:


You can control your environment you work in and bump up your productivity through music.

Listening to upbeat music can be a great way to find some extra energy. Music can effectively eliminate exercise-induced fatigue and fatigue symptoms caused by monotonous work.

Be mindful of others around you – listening to the clicking beats through someone else’s headphones is highly irritating.


Music affects and exercises both sides of your brain meaning your creativity and focus are increased. People who actually play a musical instrument or are learning to have higher IQ’s. This opens the door to learning a large range of subjects like languages and specialties.


The physical benefits are reduced blood pressure and less stress, it boosts your immune system, helps relieve headaches and migraines; it improves your memory and learning performance and helps with fatigue releasing endorphins. Music improves your concentration and attention.  It also improves your coordination and athletic performance.


Music’s ability to “heal the soul” is the stuff of legend in every culture. Many people find that music lifts their spirits. Rock, Classical, Jazz and the Blues are the most popular in emotional elevation, helping with anxiety and depression. 45 minutes of relaxing music is proven to help with sleepless nights.

So next time you feel stressed or cant focus, why not pull out your headphones and give yourself the gift of music.

Julian Treasure - the 4 ways sound affects us