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The Beauty Car


Honda has launched the Fit She’s model, which has been created to appeal to the female driver.  It has highlighted a number of features that may attract female customers. Firstly, the windscreen blocks 99%of ultraviolet rays, which have been found to be bad for wrinkles. The air conditioning system also features ‘Plasmacluster’ climate control technology which the company claims helps improve the skin of passengers and the drivers seat has it’s own heating.

Although the model’s flagship color is pink (surprise, surprise), both the exterior and interiors use the shade as a predominant theme.  The vehicle also comes in brown, white and black.  It is priced between JPY 1,400,000 and JPY 1,575,600 and is currently only available in Japan.

The Fit She’s features could of course appeal to many men, but marketing the car to women specifically could well reap rewards.  I am on the lookout for more additional features in the future – skinny mirrors perhaps?