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A status review of Online Shopping in the UAE

More than a quarter of all the customers in the Middle East (29%) now shop online nearly every month. They’re motivated by the accessibility of online shopping platforms, featured prices that are 40% lower than conventional stores, better selection of displayed products, and the convenience of shopping without leaving their …

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What a shame! HP remains the same

  HP with the help of Moving Brands hoped to transform its perception and introduce a whole new way of portraying the company. First, the good news: Moving Brands has posted a fantastic and detailed case study of their work here and I highly recommend reading every bit and watching every video as it …

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Horouf features Mohannad al Mahayni

Our very own Mohannad al Mahayni has been featured on the Horouf website. Horouf is an online collective that hosts the Arabic type work of design professionals working in the region. The collective aims to share our region’s design strength with the world. Arabic type work showcased includes calligraphy, typography and …