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How to decide which social media channel is right for you?


There’s always a debate flowing about what social media platforms a brand should build its presence on. “Should we create a Twitter account?”, “Instagram is  big hit, we want to be there before it’s too late”, “Snapchat is the future, let’s create an account quickly so we’re not left out”.

It’s important to have a fixed plan before venturing into unknown digital territories. That’s why I wanted to share my opinions on the things to keep in mind for each platform, to help build a solid foundation and a working strategy to follow. I’ll start with the most obvious:


It’s a hub of information; Facebook is the perfect platform for reaching the exact person you want to reach, as its features allow you to target exactly who you want by their interests, demographics, psychographics and online behavior. The possibilities are endless, and if you’re willing to invest in paid media and to create gorgeous creatives, you’re bound to go down a successful route. One thing to keep in mind is that people are mainly going on social media to see what their friends and family are up to, in addition to short funny videos and loads of cat pictures. Furthermore, you’re dealing with the short attention spans of people in the modern world, who can easily scroll down past your content.

As a brand, you are typically an intruder into people’s Facebook experience (and this goes for other platforms as well). In addition to trying to fit into a user’s newsfeed, you are also competing with many brands who are trying to do the same thing as you: spread their message and engage their audience. How do you overcome that? By being unique, by standing out, by fitting in to people’s lives, by making thumb stopping and eye catching content that’s worth the five minutes of distraction to send your message. Invest in a fixed media budget and plan that aims at your target market at the right place at the right time. Dedicate time and resources to gorgeous creatives that put across your ideas quickly.

Next week we’ll discuss Twitter!