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Seven things from our world for this week…

Chicken or egg

Music consumption habits change, and here’s a cool info-graphic to show current trends. Philip Bump at Mediaite poses an interesting question in his post Breaking down then rebuilding the media industry one atom of content at a time , with reference to the digitalisation of music; Did people gain a taste for picking out their favourite nuggets – or did MP3s allow people to realise a latent desire? There are fundamental changes in the way we continue to consume media – but are all shifts driven by human desire, or does technology start to alter the way we think?

$35K to create

YouTube launches another campaign to cultivate original, quality content on its servers >>READ

Adidas converges

Adidas’ new commercial looks to weave all its sub brands into one message >>WATCH

Social currency

AmEx campaign positions rewards points as social currency >>READ

Arabic web fonts

Shasha Font is a great project funded entirely by Google to create the perfect Arabic font tailored for digital screens >>SEE


Venturebeat discuss nine mini-trends set to be of vital importance in the near future. Trends covered range from increased privacy desires to the support for home workers and new applications for nano-technology >>LEARN

Top 10 video innovators

Fast Company share their thoughts on the most innovative companies. This particular link looks at the key players in video innovation, and why they are there >>LOOK