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Decoy cocks, shiny lions and a tweeting bird

Starting with the menagerie, we have bugs, real crawly nasty ones, the famous tweeting bird changes its plumage, decoy cocks, and a whole bunch of shiny lions. We also have the reassuring truth about food photography, heart-warming Dads, and simple stress-relieving tips.

Bur Gun

VW Bug Run

An online beetle race for VW. Real bugs, real bets, real racing. Great way to waste a bit more time on the Net. >>BET


McD’s product shots

Why do photos of burgers always look so different that what you find in the box? >>SEE WHY


Twitter’s new logo

Twitter has an entire ideology dedicated to support this redesign. Really! It’s true! >>CARE?


5 Decoy magazine covers

The best way to read your favourite magazine and make sure to keep it to yourself. >>CHEAT

Stree Free

Leave stress behind… unclutter your home

Clear clutter, organize your home with these easy-to-use, inexpensive apps and gadgets.

Too much clutter can turn into a mind-clogging, desk-hogging burden invading your home.

“Life is so chaotic and stressful these days,” says MaryJo Monroe, professional organizer and owner of reSPACEd in Portland, Oregon. “Having a home that is organized is crucial to your quality of life.”

If you’re ready to stop the madness, accept the error of your ways and make a small change or two (or ten) for the better, you’re going to need some help. Here’s our handy list of easy tools, apps and gadgets that are sure to help anyone organize just about everything in their lives, from the crazy daily chore list to that unruly toaster cord. >>CLEAN UP


10 of the best Father’s Day ads ever

In celebration of the guy who’s often a punch line.

There have always been ads that grudgingly, sometimes even happily, pay respect to fathers. Guys can only take so much ribbing—sometimes they need a little loving, too.
Below, check out our picks for 10 ads starring great dads.

Some of the spots come from Unruly Media’s new list of most-shared dad commercials; others are just favorites of ours.

So, Happy Father’s Day, dads. Turns out you’re not complete morons after all.

Absolutely not to be missed is No.4. This spot will leave you a blubbering wreck.>>ALL WARM INSIDE

So, who won the big Cannes prizes this year?

WPP and Omnicom are still arguing about who won the most “aggregate points” but it’s not of great interest to the rest of the world. To us, the better indicator of what the industry really values, is who won the really big prizes, the Grand Prix’s. This year, 17 were awarded and old network agencies won 3!

JWT’s Puerto Rico office picked up the PR (!!!) and Ogilvy’s China won an award in the outdoor craft for a nice graphic design idea by a (crowd-sourced?) student from Hong Kong  (which we don’t believe deserved a Grand Prix), and BETC Euro RSCG for film craft (but they prefer not to be known to be part of Euro). Otherwise: nada.

Smaller agencies, owned or part-owned by holding companies will also be proud of their performances: Manning Gottlieb (OMD) for media, R/GA (IPG) for titanium, CP+B (MDC) and Digitas for promo & activation and direct, Talent for radio and BBH (all three Publicis) for creative effectiveness.

Independent agencies did exceptionally well, with Serviceplan for design, and Jung von Matt the only true outdoor Grand Prix in our opinion (which we told you all about in 7Things issue 12), (both Germany), Volontaire (Sweden), Sunny and 72 for (a poor) print (Netherlands), Grow Interactive for mobile, Droga 5 for good (also mentioned in 7Things issue 12), and Creative Artists Agency for branded content and for film (all USA). The tide has well and truly turned on the BDHCs. >>BE INSPIRED