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From Facebook, to Mad Men to razors…seven things from our world

A bit of everything this month…some trivia, some funny, some crazy funny, some cool and some not so funny. Or another way to look at it…

Toys vs. reality; Science vs. toys; Reality vs. technology; Social media “life” vs. real-life installation; viralvs. traditional advertising. As usual not all is as it seems, and only the unexpected should be expected. Enjoy!


No.1 tyre maker

Who do you think is the world’s No. 1 tyre manufacturer. Definitely a trick question! >>DISCOVER


FB buys Instagram

1-year old photo-sharing goes on Android and sells for US$1Bio a week later! >>BUBBLE??


1 kidney = 1 iPad ?

A Chinese teenager sold one of his kidneys for just £2,000 to pay for a new iPad 2. >REALLY!


Toys build real bones

Scientists use Lego robots to create an artificial bone-like substance. >>SERIOUSLY


Shaving company launches with hilarious viral

Michael Dubin,’s co-founder and CEO, deadpans in his best formal Serious American Executive voice, before laughing off the idea. Dubin, who stars alongside a random guy in a bear suit in the company’s online ad that’s sprinkled with coarse language (“Are our razors good? No. They’re f***ing great.”).  Not your usual CEO. His background is in digital marketing and brand development, and he also trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade improv comedy troupe in New York City. >>LAUGH A LITTLE

Volvo MadMen

Real Mad Men helped Volvo mean “safe”

Edward A. McCabe is a veteran of the wilder “Mad Men” times. From the 1960s to the late ’80s, Mr. McCabe created lasting brand images for clients like Perdue Farms and memorable campaigns for Volvo Cars of North America. Volvo’s reputation for crash safety — a widely held identity, deftly transcending time and individual models — was solidified with a compelling statistic that Volvo used in its advertising for nearly two decades under Mr. McCabe’s direction: “Nine out of every 10 Volvos registered in the U.S. in the last 11 years are still on the road.” >>LEARN FROM A GREAT

Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition uses “living” mannequins

This exhibit is not some dry retrospective of a dead man’s work. Jean Paul Gaultier wanted to create an art installation of its own merit, and has done exactly that. Inspired by a play he saw at the Avignon Festival which employed trompe l’oeil video projections, Gaultier worked with JoliCoeur Mannequins  to create something completely new. He wanted the mannequins to speak, as a statement against what he described as the misogynist view that women should be seen and not heard. Most of the mannequins have video-projected faces with movement as you can see in this video.

The exhibit is stunning, as one would expect from one of Paris’s greatest couturiers. Open to the public from March 24-August 19. Details here. Gaultier will be in attendance at La Grande Fete tonight. >>BE INSPIRED