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SEO with Ahmed – Part 1

ahmad-seoLet alone the fact that Ahmed is the only Ahmed in our agency (Somehow), he’s also unique as the go-to person for digital knowledge, and wisdom on SEO. That being said, we thought it would be great to share his pointers about SEO that every business owner should know:

#1 SEO is not just search engine optimization

As ridiculous as that title sounds, don’t let the acronym for the term mislead you to the wrong sense of its broadness. Everything is changing fast in the digital marketing world, SEO included. In the early days of the internet, SEO was only about optimizing your website using several tactics related to Google and other search engines. These tactics include submitting your website into the search engine, indexing more pages, adding keywords to your content or re-writing your page’s titles and descriptions for better visibility.
Nowadays, SEO has become much more complicated. It’s a combination of market research,content marketing, Copywriting, Social media, Web Development, User experience design, PR, business intelligence, digital analytics and more…
As Google’s updates become more complicated to include all our online business assets into their ranking factors , we need to consider that if we are planning to run a long term digital marketing plan, then SEO must be in the center of all our digital marketing activities.