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SEO With Ahmed – Keyword ranking doesn’t matter

ahmad-seo-2It’s common practice for CEOs to invest some of their time searching on Google for their business keywords to check their rankings on Google, but this is a limited approach. The truth is that CEOs need to investigate the keywords that are related and profitable to their business, which have the highest number of searches per month with the lowest competition.

For example, If you are running a business in the field of selling curtains, and focusing on letting people find your website when they search for “curtains” , it would take ages to beat the competition for this term, and lots of hard working hours and advanced tactics would be required to achieve this.  It’s important to note that the people who are only searching “Curtains” are most likely searching for some designs or ideas, while the good CEOs will focus more on easier keywords that are more profitable like “Buy blackout curtains in Dubai” and/or “Where to buy fabric in Dubai” etc.

These types of keywords – called “longtail keywords” – are easier to target, get a better rank for your website, and are definitely more profitable for your investment as it helps in branding your business. Targeting 100 longtail profitable keywords is better than targeting only one useless “fathead” keyword. This is why you should measure SEO against the organic traffic that is delivered to your website, by measuring the traffic engagement like time on site, page views and your converted analytics goals out of this traffic.