Say hello to the chatbot

Let’s start with the basics: A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a real interaction with users through a conversational interface. The best bots out there are powered by AI, this way it can better understand complex questions and learn as it goes, allowing it to personalize responses and improve interactions over time. So, what exactly does this mean for businesses?


How chatbots are changing the face of customer service

The future of chatbots


Let’s be honest, all any consumer wants is the most direct line between their problem and a solution. Bots help consumers go directly from A to B no matter where they are and what device they’re using. There’s zero need to hunt down that contact number or email which at times can be a headache.

This handy interface takes customer service to a whole new level. One survey shows that 83% of online shopping users need support during shopping. It can be site navigational issues where they just can’t find the product they’re after, or they have checkout, delivery or product related questions – we’ve all been there and it’s frustrating to say the least.

Chatbots are your first line of communication, they will ask the user the right questions, provide needed assistance, offer relevant information to the user’s inquiry, and persuade the user to take the next step towards conversion. This process helps in generating new customers, test lead quality, and boost time efficiency. Not only that, they can suggest helpful blog entries or tutorial videos based on the situation at hand.

They also allow organizations to handle more tasks at the same time so that customers aren’t left high and dry listening to dull elevator music. It also takes care of the smaller issues which tend to block up customer care lines. All of these factors have the potential to shift your customer service from good to great, which is where it’s at these days. Like it or not, star ratings really do matter.


Using data to improve customer service

Call centre department

Chatbots are valuable in other ways too. They can collect data such as purchasing patterns and consumer behaviors. This then allows businesses to see which products matter and how to better market the ones that don’t in order to improve conversion rates.

Also, chatbots are far more cost-efficient. It’s definitely better to install an instant automated chatting application on your platforms instead of hiring a full team of customer service specialists or even creating a customised cross-platform application.


Chatbots are here to stay

To summarize, chatbots are here to help in many ways. They can become an extremely valuable asset that can enhance your business in a multitude of ways — and the fact that they are cost-effective makes them a very attractive option in today’s world. But what marketers decide to do with chatbots could make or break their reputation. Let’s ensure we use this platform for good in order to build authentic relationships, so that brands earn back the people’s trust.