Advertising trends in 2020


Advertising trends in 2020 and the future of the advertising

Internet and social media, in particular, have changed advertising techniques forever making them more advanced and opening the way for new trends to appear in 2018. It’s clearly apparent, average users nowadays can see Facebook and Google reminding them over and over again about that beautiful bag they saw last …

Gen X Vs Millenials


Millenials are the new Gen-X. It’s all the same.

You can’t turn on your computer these days and not hear about Millenials. It’s human nature to want to make sense of things. An easy way is to put things into categories. It’s neat, it’s easily understood, it’s easier to explain. The problem is that most often it’s completely wrong. …


Tonic Dubai

No more death by Powerpoint

When a potential client wants to visit the agency and specifically say, “how you manage you time is completely up to you”, you immediately understand that they are expecting a bit more than the average setup with a keynote presentation, and are instead interested in getting to know the people. …