Branding Image

Tonic whips up a sweet identity for Oushé

Earlier this year, Tonic was approached by the lovely Reem Haroun to develop the brand identity for her gourmet bakeshop.

It was an exciting project to work on, as we had to develop an identity that reflected the unique offering of a fusion bakeshop that serves up delicious Western treats and savouries, with a Middle Eastern twist. The logo was key – after exploring several options, we created a wordmark that combined the contemporary with the traditional, by using elements of Arabic typography in a distinctively English logo.

As this was a project quite close to Reem’s heart, we had to make sure that the brand reflected her personality by using her love of vibrant colours and patterns. The idea was to develop an extensive palette for use on all digital and print collateral that was consistent, yet flexible enough to evolve along with Oushé and its offerings.

The result was an overall look and feel that has already made its mark and is much loved by both Reem and her customers. We would definitely recommend checking out the bakery; the brownies are to die for!