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Mind Mapping for Business or Pleasure

As we grow older our potential for creativity drastically decreases due to an increase in our level of education. Our thoughts become more structured and systematic as opposed to when we were younger where our ideas were more flexible, imaginative and creative!

About a year ago I attended a workshop that was lead by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Mapping and editor of the book ‘Use Your Head’. During the workshop we were shown how each individual (of any age) can improve their memory, solve problems and keep track of their thoughts with the use of mind maps in a more effective, creative and visionary way.

Mind mapping is a lot of fun and can be used by anyone at any point in his or her life. Below are a few steps you can follow to create a Mind Map:

1.     Make sure you have a blank piece of A4 paper and coloured pens

2.     Be clear about your central topic and goals

3.     Write the topic (one word) in the middle of the page and outline it clearly by using colours

4.     Draw a set of differently coloured lines that stretch out from the main image (topic). Make sure that the lines are curved!

5.     Write single key words that are directly affiliated to the main topic. Each word should exhibit your main thought

6.     Add more branches and aim to extend your thoughts as new ideas come forth. You can also join thoughts by drawing lines between words to create marginal thinking

7.     Continue branching until all your ideas are included in your mind map. Don’t forget that association is key!

8.     Once you have finished your map, make sure you analyse it and refine the relationships

The more dynamic, colourful and artistic your Mind Map is the more memorable it will be! 🙂

Mind mapping works really well with our line of business, it can help in coming up with better media plans or creative advertising ideas

Here is an example of an interactive mind map: