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Meeting Faris Yakob was all I hoped for

It’s always a bit tricky when you meet one of your heroes in the flesh. Sometimes it really doesn’t live up to the expectations.

A bit more than 2 years ago, I unashamedly admitted in this very blog to have a crush on Faris Yakob.

Last Wednesday, thanks to the cool guys at Dubizzle, namely our old Tonician Alex Hutley and David Passiak, his Chief Innovation Officer, I was invited to a really cool breakfast hosting Faris Yakob and his talented and lovely wife Rosie Siman.

They are currently touring the world helping companies and agencies get smarter with their traveling consultancy Genius Steals. I can’t share the deck he presented on how he sees brand and comms planning, nor the conversation than ensued but it was all I expected.

Rosie & Faris

For a taste of what it was like, feel free to check Faris’s presentations on slideshare, like this one.