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Jeem for kids




The new rebrand for Al-Jazeera’s Children Channel (JCC) saw the light, under the new name: Jeem TV.Jeem

It’s always a pleasure to see a beautifully Arabic inspired brand come to life in such a modern and interactive form. The things a great designer can do with ONE letter, especially if it’s a JEEM!

“Jeem” is an arabic letter that is the first letter of “Al Jazeera” word, the pan Arab news satellite channel behind the children channel.


The typographic logo had a calligraphic quality and a particularly rounded diacritic dot that became an important part of the brand elements.

The logo quickly became part of the larger visual identity – and was seen in various applications directly after the launch: on screen, in giant installations for kids, on interactive screens and of course broadcasting on air.

The most exciting part about designing a logo for a TV channel is probably seeing the logo in motion as part of the various animations and indents that are constantly produced for the channel.

In addition to the logo, a custom exclusive typeface was designed for the TV channel to be used as the brand typographic voice.


“Jeem” TV was designed by Tarek Atrissi