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It’s official. Japanese admen are the true madmen

In a new campaign video Pizza Hut Japan has announced the opening of the Pizza Hut inspired restaurant called ‘Pizza Cat’ that is completely run by 4 cool cats: Tencho, Hime, Dora and Detch.
PizzaHutCatsThis four-footed quartet is shown in different actions (or no actions) at work: taking orders, cleaning the floor, writing the reports, delivering the pizzas etc…

Watch the ‘Pizza Cat!’ grand opening announcement video below:



And the cats in action in the 12 campaign videos from the official website. If you think it was weird until now, brace yourself for what you’re about to see in the videos. It’s a weird mix of freakish, minimalism and unnerving.

Needless to mention that this ad appeals to both pizza lovers and cat lovers, which is probably 99% of the population! 

Submitted by Lara Djuricanin