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Faris Yakob does it again. Being inspiring that is!

I have a confession to make. Like most planners I know I have a crush on Faris Yakob.

If you don’t know him, Faris Yakob is MDC Partners Chief Innovation Officer. His blog is a must read for anyone interested to see where our business is likely to go. For me it’s always a great way to find more engaging ways to formulate or reframe ideas I have been pondering for a while.

I heard recently that some people would happily quit their paying job immediately for a chance to work with him for free for a few months. That’s how inspiring he is.

I’d like to share two of his latest pieces of wisdom.

The first one was done for the Yahoo! Futurists series to mark Advertising Week. He takes a hard look at why our business won’t survive without passion. Most importantly how wonderful it can be if you do have passion, continuously feed your brain, how to ensure we can stay fresh, passionate and continue to deliver culture-impacting work for our clients.

A lot of things which will sound familiar to people who know Tonic. Tonicians are very passionate about what they do and dedicate this passion to creating ideas. Ideas that can be using any communication vehicle, may it be digital, ambient, experiential or advertising. Ideally involving the audience in distributing and contributing to the idea. Once you focus on delivering the idea, execution while important is only secondary.

The fun part is in continuously reinventing ourselves, not just our processes but the ideas we allow ourselves to create.

Watch his video here.

The second he did for the “nice Effies people” and you can find on his blog “talent imitates, genius steals”. He analysed the latest winning entries and lists 7 reasons why they won.

  1. Start with business objectives.
  2. Do some [interesting, useful] research.
  3. Believe in strategy.
  4. “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” [Goethe].
  5. Integration means the inter-operation of parts, not one idea in many places.
  6. Do it, ideally with the community, don’t just say it.
  7. Be awesome.

So here you go, no more excuses. You have all you need to come up with new ideas and then package them to win awards.

Have fun!