Digital Performance for new businesses in the Middle East

Digital Performance for new businesses in the Middle East

Most businesses now understand the gravity of digital performance and how critical it could be in making and also maintaining the success of their organization. Now nearly one-quarter of businesses composing the world’s economy have digital accounts.

Digital performance isn’t as easy as what it looks on surface for final consumers or users. It’s not only a promotional post on Facebook or a easy purchase operation made through an online page on an e-commerce website. It’s about all of this combined together, it’s a comprehensive process composed of multiple operations managed by a group of skilled operators.

True success lies in integrating all these operations together to create a great show at the end. Marketing endeavours through social media is made to complement the efforts done the SEO development. In fact, it’s all one process to achieve the great goal of the business at the end, which is optimizing the digital performance.

Practically, undertaking business operations on digital channels is designed to reach two main goals, promoting products or engaging customers and potential customers.

Promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns
Promotional campaigns

The great targeting capabilities and Google’s upperhand in reaching audience made it a top choice for business owners looking to raise awareness about their brand. Google has created a set of smart advertising channels to help advertisers reach their goals. Google now offers Google shopping platform, display network, and adwords. The decision of using all Google promotional channels or choosing one over the other depends on many factors like search volume, type of brand, and many other.

Google gaining more ground

Google is getting trendy in the middle east, more businesses are getting to use its channel to promote their services or products. Knowing this, and to gain even greater existence in the coming days, Google is enhancing its service quality by empowering its accounts with more useful data. Launching sophisticated analytics platform like Analytics 360, Google took a further step towards vesting its existence in digital world.

The world’s best search engine doesn’t seize updating its ranking factors as well as the targeting and reach qualities to grant its users the maximum outcome that goes even beyond their expectations.

Updates for better customization and monitoring

Google has made a bunch of changes in its Google Adwords platform. It improved the ads panel interface making it simpler to use, it also brought some machine learning in the game to help businesses get better results. The latest version carries also more filters for users to help in reporting data. There is also a custom column for ads and keywords, and even more features yet to explore.

All these technicalities made the task of measuring digital performance way easier for digital marketers since retrieving all sorts of data is accessible through Google’s platforms. Nothing is left to guessing or uneducated estimations since accurate information is now made easier to access.

It’s now easier to read user experience through active monitoring tools offered by Google, business owners can easily check the missing point in their chain to help rectify their conversion cycle. It’s even better in testing to compare between two campaigns for instance and pick the one that delivers the better results.

Not only search engine

Promoting brands offering products or services isn’t confined to Google tools, the different platforms of social media are also a great place for doing so.

The latest update from Facebook, Facebook Shop, is a stark evidence on Facebook’s and social media’s intention in getting more momentum in online purchase process.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter made paid ads easier and more advanced to give vendors the quality of results they are looking for.

Engaging Audience


The other main of digital performance is creating a positive fuss around a certain brand. Since social media platforms are currently the home of millions and millions of people around the world who pass hours of their time scrolling their newsfeed, it’s definitely a perfect location for creating a brand.

Content marketing is now a beloved tool for all businesses whether they are targeting end consumers or businesses. Since hours and hours of media are spent online, all businesses aim to take advantage of social media exposure and share content online promoting their brand and services offered in different contexts either text, design or video content.

Currently sophisticated analytics tool embedded in each and every social media platform has made it easier for businesses to follow the performance of their content and intervene to tweak whatever needs to be tweaked anytime for maximum results.

The social media now empowers optimization of all sorts like in editing content or targeting any type of audience. Still, there are more edits to come enhancing the service to become better and better by days. Certainly, a day will come when all businesses have a vibrant existence on the digital arena.