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How to decide which social media platform is right for you? Part 2 – Twitter

394cdcfb-639e-4932-8bbb-8dcb55887466If there was any platform where it’s ideal to put context before content, it would surely be Twitter. For active users, Twitter potentially acts as the source of all news and information on the spot. It’s perfect if your brand deals with events, and it’s ideal to take of advantage of Twitter’s live nature, and cover events with live tweets to give your audience live updates. Interaction is essential on this platform. There are many social media tools available that would let you find the audience who would most likely be interested in your brand’s topics which would help in bolstering your brand and be a part of its branding process. Find that audience and interact with them. Show the human side of your brand, and build a relationship with users who could potentially turn into customers.

Remember, when anyone opens their Twitter feed, they’re going to see the most recent updates on their timeline, and the possibilities of them seeing a Tweet that was sent in the past is very low. That’s why as a brand, you have to show that you‘re available for your customers, and you‘re part of the conversation. Better yet, you are the conversation.

On Facebook, I would prefer a low frequency of posts, or only publishing exactly what your brand wants to say, with no filler content. On Twitter, I would encourage joining every conversation that’s possible to join. The more active you are with tweets, conversations and relevant information, the more likely you‘re going to build a strong follower base that appreciate your presence on the platform.