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Audi challenges Tonic in Oman

So here we are again, ready for a new adventure. Last time we were at Burj Khalifa and this time we find ourselves at the Omani mountains.

It’s me, Cristiano, Renato, Nicolas, Renaud and Tony. We are on our way to Balal Sayt, a village where we are going to spend 5 days shooting a beautiful story.


We’ve been cherishing this project for a few months now and we are all excited that it’s actually going to happen.

We are going to work with an amazing director, Joeri Holsheimer, who is a specialist in documentaries and who spent 4 weeks in the field looking for the protagonist of the story I am about to tell you.

So, imagine a beautiful, very remote village shuttered in the Omani mountains. It’s a 7 hour drive from Dubai, 2 of which are off-road.

We are leading a convoy of 22 Audi Q7’s and we are going to turn a dream into reality.

Unknown-3As part of the Audi Challenges Arabia initiative, a fan has challenged Audi to light up a football pitch by only using the car’s headlights. We accepted the challenge, but we wanted to do more. So we thought, why not look for a young boy who loves football and literally light up his dreams.We found a young Omani boy named Zakaria. Zak loves playing football, he is obsessed with the game and he would like to become a professional player one day. He lives in a very remote place with no facilities or proper infrastructure. He’d love to play on a proper pitch made of grass and train to become the next Messi of Arabia.


We want to make his dream come true so we will build a football pitch and give Zak the thrill of playing on it for the first time as if he is a professional player. But the most important thing is that the pitch will stay there so that Zakaria and his friends will have the opportunity to train and play on it and chase their dreams.

Audi Oman TVC -115[1]It’s a fulfilling experience that puts us in contact with wonderful people that live a completely different life than the one we are used to in Dubai; a complete immersion in a stunning environment and in a kid’s dreams and passions.

Check out the final video here!

I look forward to see what the next adventure will be.

I’ll keep you posted,

Francesca Meloni