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9 ways to haze interns, engaging brands, passionate cultures and more…

A lot of numbers today: 1, 5, 8, 9, 100 and 873…and the new rules of

engagement. Don’t worry, it’s not a math special.

And translating all this:

1 to look back at the latest technology in race cars, 5 to learn from the best ever Facebook campaigns, 8 to build a better work environment, 9 for a little fun100 inspirations, and watch your life in 873 picturesin 1 minute to go wow!


Getty in 873 pics

A 1-minute film, features 873 images for the leading database Getty Images>>LOSE YOURSELF


100 Most creative

Annual celebration of business innovators who dare to think differently. >>GET INSPIRED


1st Digital rearview mirror

Audi reinvents the rearview mirror for its new R18 e-tron quattro to race at Le Mans. >>VROOM!!!


5 Best on Facebook

A Top 5 – a hall of fame of Facebook campaigns (none actual Facebook ads, mind you).>>LEARN


8 Rules to create a passionate culture

In 1976,  Ken Thomson inherited a $500-million business empire. By the time he died, in 2006, his empire had grown to $25 billion.

His most lasting legacy might be the culture he created. His success came from being a principled investor and from surrounding himself with good people and staying loyal to them.
For the long-term viability of any enterprise, Thomson understood that you needed a viable corporate culture. He created a culture that extended out from him and has lived after him.

Here are eight rules for creating the right conditions for a culture that reflects your creed.>>LEARN


9 Ways to haze interns from Business Insider

Summer is nigh, and soon a new crop of interns will descend onto New York, with many headed to Wall Street.

While we always get a kick out of the ridiculous antics interns get into, we also appreciate the bankers that think them up. And as the students start their Wall Street internships, we expect they’ll get the customary “getting-to-know-you” hazing.

And in case you Wall Streeters were running out of ideas, the posters at the WallStreetOasis forums have put together a helpful list.>>LAUGH A LITTLE

Get Engaged…latest piece by Faris Yakob

Human beings in real relationships treat the relationships itself, and the people, as ENDS, not simply MEANS.

Relationships with brands DO NOT have this quality. For a brand, a relationship with a consumer is a mechanism to make money in various ways.
This is obvious, since the reason companies exist is to make money, not to make friends.

The ‘relationship’ is a MEANS.

I thought it worth pointing out that the converse is also true – people want relationships with brands only if they derive value from them beyond the value of the relationship itself.
This may not be monetary, of course, but the relationship itself is not sufficient. 

The relationship is inherently a MEANS, not an END.

So, if we want people to engage with our brands, we need to give them compelling reasons to do so. >>>>>RE-THINK