• Pink Ribbon Pakistan Pink Bra

    This 'Pink Bra' is helping Pakistani women detect breast cancer early by turning the action of slipping money inside the bra into a self-examination.

    The Pink Bra is an innovative solution from Tonic International that overcomes cultural taboos and helps women save their own lives. It looks like an ordinary bra but it comes with pockets. Inside the pockets are raised tactile outlines. So every time a woman slips money inside her bra, the raised tactile outlines will guide her hand and tell them where exactly to press to self-examine. Easy to understand illustrations, inside the bra, explain each step of the self-examination in detail.

    To ensure the bra discreetly reached underprivileged women for free, an online campaign was launched.
    The #giveapinkbra movement urged upper-class women to gift the bra to the underprivileged women working around them.

    You can visit giveapinkbra.com to know how you can join the cause.