• Heinz Ketchup Middle East Influencers

    We were tasked with finding the right influencers to help raise awareness about Heinz Ketchup and their new product launches, specifically in Saudi Arabia. Tonic worked with Kharabeesh and found three YouTube influencers that represented the brand and communicated different value propositions.
    We worked with Hayla Ghazal to communicate that Heinz Ketchup is 100% Natural, we worked with Haifa Besseiso to show what food we can pair with the four new Ketchup flavours and we worked with Jay AlSajer to show the what countries the four new flavours represented.
    The video content developed with the influencers was truly authentic to their brand image and style of content and also communicated the key values of Heinz Ketchup.
    The results of the videos were amazing with the three influencers receiving more than a total of 3.7 Million views and more than 11,500 comments.