Tonic Digital agency in Dubai, UAE

TONIC Digital is a full service digital agency in Dubai providing Online/Digital marketing solutions, we design & develop Websites and are experts in Social media marketing in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Global markets.
Digital marketing or online advertising has evolved at an exponential rate. Today this medium is more social than display, more content than direct. Our audience has moved from going online to living online. They are empowered to talk about how much they love or hate brands.

No advertising agency can bury its head in the sand and ignore the ever-changing digital landscape. At Tonic, we do not believe digital is an after-thought or a nice-to-have. Digital integration comes naturally to us. By that we don’t just mean sending out an eDM adapted from a print advertisement. (Although that’s one of the many things we do.) Or creating an online banner that’s a straight adaptation of the outdoor advertising.

However fast things change, our objective remains the same: make the most of our client’s budget with effective creative solutions. We don’t claim to know everything. Every day, we’re still uncovering opportunities in digital communications, which can help brands create content that engages and entertains.

What does it mean for your brand? For a start, more exposure than ever before. But it also means, at every point of interaction with your audience, it’s important to be relevant and interesting. Everything from your website and mobile app to your Instagram account should stay true to your brand’s tone of voice. It’s our role to help you to understand the behaviour of your audience, and figure out how to speak to them the way they want to be spoken to.

We have produced integrated campaigns that blur the lines between online advertising and offline advertising. Audi’s Land of quattro is one example. It started as a dealer promotion campaign brief. As we developed it, it evolved to a digital campaign where we collected qualified leads over 3 weeks and invited the winners to experience the prowess of quattro. You can watch the case study here


We have also produced films exclusively for digital media – these digital films are still clocking up views. It has several advantages over a traditional TV commercial. The medium is cheaper, or costs next to nothing. The duration is infinite. Your digital film can be as short as 3 seconds or as long as a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s perfect for rich storytelling. Did we mention the reach is wider too?

Arabia challenge

Since we are in the Age of Sharing, every positive experience that brand creates for its audience, like a stunt, should be shot, edited, and shared on social media. It’s a simple and effective way to amplify the reach of that experience to the rest of the world.

Our experience in social media marketing extends across different industries, from F&B to healthcare to interior design. We do not see social media as another free medium for brands to shout about their products. People are already spammed with junk mails – why continue spamming them on their Facebook page?

Instead we treat social media as a channel for brands to curate interesting and entertaining content. For example, a healthcare brand shouldn’t mention only the latest medical equipment. Instead, the brand could become a champion of healthy living by sharing insights into keeping our body in tiptop condition. Make your audience like your brand, and sales will naturally follow.

We treat social media content calendars pretty seriously. Each post and tweet is an opportunity to get people to love your brand – or to dislike it.
Our social media team does not just consist of a community manager working in isolation. To generate content that sticks, the community manager collaborates with the creative team and media team.

Of course, there is more to social media marketing. We have also created several user-generated content campaigns, social media apps, games and competitions. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to boost fan acquisition and peaks in engagement. We are consistently uncovering opportunities in social media, trying out what works and what does not, and learning from our failures and successes.

An idea should dictate the medium, not the other way round. That’s why we don’t believe a pure digital agency is adequate or versatile enough to handle the ever-changing media landscape. Our digital department is seamlessly integrated with the rather weird guys from advertising department. So far this arrangement seems to click, leading to insightful, integrated work that is shared and talked about.


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