Tonic Advertising agency in Dubai, UAE

Advertising is no longer a full-page newspaper advertisement, 30- second radio spot or a one-minute television commercial. It has evolved with times. The rise of smartphones and social media means there are so many possibilities available for the marketing department of any brand.

Branded content or direct marketing? Outdoor advertising or viral marketing? How about a cool video on Instagram? An impromptu stunt on the streets. A unique experience for a mother of three? There are no more boundaries to keep a great idea in one place. Whenever there is a human interaction, there is opportunity to convey your brand message.

Tonic is one of the advertising agencies in Dubai that takes advantage of this explosion of media channels by offering a full suite of integrated solutions: from advertising, branding, media and retail. These different departments within Tonic do not operate in silos. In fact, we’re just sitting next to one another.

We have been talking about ideas that cut through every medium. Where do we get our idea? Definitely not out of thin air. On the contrary, we follow a strict approach. Before we arrive at an idea, we think strategy.

We divide our strategic process into three clearly defined phases:
First we develop a thorough understanding of your company, its business, its consumers and competitors. We balance it with your past experience, objectives, budgets, desires, and crystalise it in a communication brief.


This brief is used by all disciplines: branding, advertising, digital and media. Think of it as a fisherman’s guide. It shows you where you can get the best haul. It can take you to a familiar spot, or to an entirely foreign place. The guide can also recommend the best files to use. The guide doesn’t do any fishing. But it ensures that you will have a more successful time than you would have had on your own.

After guiding, we review, redirect, refine media, creative, and production development, continuously working as one team to achieve the best for our clients.

Then comes the ideation by the creative teams. An art director and copywriter sit outside the cafe and romance about life. Actually, it’s a lot less glamourous than that. A lot of sweat goes into the work we produce. For every idea you see, 20 would have been discarded.

To judge the work we produce, we always ourselves a couple of questions.
Will our clients think of this idea? Will their competitors think of the idea? Will this idea help to solve a problem? Will it solve our client’s problem? Does it bring the client’s brand closer to its audience? Is it simple enough for our target to understand? This way, the work produced will be fresh and focused.

Does this approach really work? The skeptical side of you might ask. We let our metals do the talking. We are the first ad agency in Dubai to win these international awards for the Middle East: Cannes Gold Lion, Gold Epica, Gold One Show and finalist D&AD.

Our team of 40 professionals is led by experienced figures. Francesca Meloni looks after the clients service side of things,  Arnaud Verchère takes care of planning, and Joao Camacho on creative. They bring with them an arsenal of advertising techniques and insights gained from other advertising and marketing agencies in Dubai and abroad. They believe in the power of collaboration and minimal hierarchy.

We go out of our way to recruit the best talent in the world and to provide them with an environment in which they can thrive. At last count, 25 nationalities are working at the Tonic. From Italian to Indian, Palestinian to Pakistani, and Egyptian to English. The cultural differences work to our advantage. We see the same problem with different perspectives. In the world of advertising, that’s like hitting a gold mine.

Things are changing at an exponential rate. So have we. Our independence as a creative agency means we can be highly reactive. No bureaucracy means we can get things done right away – without interference from anyone. Yes, including that French man who sits in the Paris office. Which means if you want to call one of our partners to talk about marketing strategy, you can. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s Arnaud’s email. And his cell phone number is +971505526141. (He’s French by the way – but the highly accessible kind.)


  • Online, Interactive and Viral Advertising
  • Out of Home Advertising (Poster, Fleet, …)
  • Publication Design (Book, Magazine & Newspaper)
  • Press & Print Advertising
  • Production Management in Print, Electronic, and Audio Visual
  • Radio Advertising
  • Strategic, Creative and Channel Planning
  • TV & Cinema Advertising
  • User-Generated Content