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    Yann HaStrategic Planner aka Possibility Opener


    Yann is full of curiosity. She strives to learn things that impact everyday life. Born in Korea, grown up in the United States, and now calling Dubai home, Yann is enjoying the cultural merge of East, West, and Middle East.

    Prior to joining the advertising agency Tonic, Yann managed accounts including Samsung, du, and Etisalat by creating immersive experiential journeys.

    At Tonic, Yann is working as a Junior Strategic Planner and helping build communication platforms that connect clients and audiences emotionally through advertising strategies.

    She is also planning to spread K-POP (Korean POP) culture in Tonic, including Korean fried chicken and black noodles.

    Yann is looking to have fun and express her quirkiness, while soaking up her fellow Tonicians’ skills and experience as much as possible.