• We stand for independence,
  • for the outstanding,
  • the freedom to innovate,
  • of doing what is right,
  • when it’s most needed.
  • We anticipate.
  • We stand for brands,
  • we stand for truthful, simple messages that connect.
  • We are storytellers; simple, truthful, relatable stories.
  • We anticipate time; we are not slaves of the clock,
  • followers of the crowd –
  • after all, we stand for independence. Remember?
  • We are still, and always, in love.
  • In love with brands, with the new, with possibilities,
  • with humans.
  • We are creators, inventors, re-inventors;
  • We are
  • There’s no motion without emotion
  • If it’s not creative, it’s not effective
  • Human truth doesn’t need a visa
  • Simple is smart
  • Amplification beats repetition
  • Never underestimate the power of design to differentiate
  • Consistency is a given, surprise is a gift
  • The brand is as the brand does
  • Let go of what you think you know
  • Driven by passion not process
Happier people create better ideas

Inspired by the latest HR philosophy at Virgin, Twitter and Netflix, we devised a policy that allows Tonicians to manage themselves their work-life balance.

Watch this video to see how four Tonicians used it to take the time needed for a vital medical operation, attain an MBA degree, spend more time as newlyweds, or take better care of their baby twins.